A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 Welcome to Beirut, Lebanon. Intelligence has indicated a mission critical target at ‘The Golden Tulip’ hotel. You have been stationed in an opposing building. Find and eliminate the threat, failure could mean all out nuclear war.


Daniel Draper - @draperdanman

Nicholas McDonnell - @nicholasmc1


  • Mitchel Pasmans
  • Max Schenkel
  • Tamara Violet Partridge
  • David Weaver
  • And the rest of the GGJ audio team 
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorsNicholas McDonnell, DraperDanMan, Samurai Punk
Made withUnity
Tags3D, 60s, cold-war, First-Person, Global Game Jam, immersive-sim, Low-poly, spy, suspense, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


TheGoldenTulip_2.0.1_win32 34 MB
TheGoldenTulip_MacOSX.zip 41 MB
TheGoldenTulip_Linux_Universal.zip 59 MB

Development log


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it shard to find the killer but its fun and challenging  which i like!

fun game, worth checking out. kinda wish the calls came a tiny bit more often but oh well.

I was a great spy! the second time...


Hey DraperDanman I need to tell u something could u at least just at least  make a turtorial to tell me what the fuck im suppose to do please and please just fix the lag.

I would like to try this game, but my antivirus software seems to believe that there is a form of Trojan in the files, so is this a legit problem with the game or my antivirus?

Hmm interesting. What antivirus are you running out of curiosity? This is just a Unity3D build. So I can't imagine why it might have been flagged. 


I use Norton Security, so maybe that is the problem? I have heard in the past that Norton is super sensitive when it comes to games (which is definitely true for me).

Norton is basically malware in its own right. Use literally anything else besides Norton.

Oh yeah I've heard that a lot of people hate Norton lol, I stopped using it months ago and I've been better off without it


This game is amazing. It makes me sad that there isn't many Cold War spy games. I like decoding the details of the target. I don't know if you plan on adding more to the game, but if you do I will be very happy.


i enjoyed play game! 즐겁게 플레이 했어요

im haveing some major graphical glitches on mac with textures not loading and the sky glitching 

Oh bugger! I'll look into it! Thanks for letting us know.


Hello, dear developer! <3 I have a very important question: what GAME ENGINE did you use??


unity is says it on start up


I sadly didn't understand the game very well. It's very unclear on what I am supposed to be doing


Before i realised how to actually "properly" play this game it was too late. Couldn't solve the case who was the suspect but damn the game was very fun to play. - sorry all the innocent people killed in bombing.


Loved the chance to become the secret agent I always wanted to be! Really cool game! 


Works great on linux! Thanks for uploading a build

Thanks for playing leafo! We're super happy you gave it a crack!


The Update... People now in nice clothes and the book for the code was nicely put in. The sounds from the phone call hacks didn't match anymore but more things to click and finally an ending. Didn't lag at all and overall a great update. Well done again. This is fun to play... :)

Thanks! We're glad you like it!

Deleted 4 years ago

Stop re-posting the same video !!!


Took a while to figure out that I needed to grab the headphones to listen in =.=. Otherwise, it's a pretty difficult (but entertaining) game.

Wrote  a review about your game on Peach's Castle for our fans.

Keep up the good work!

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This game was really hard, I didn't actually manage to beat it. 

Anyhow it's a really well made and fun game to play. I would definitely recommend people to play it.

Good job!

Thanks for playing. You would be correct. ;) (If you could edit your comment to hide that *spoiler* it would be much appreciated!) <3

That's a really cool feature.  Of course! It was never my intention to spoil anything. Just to let you know I removed it 2 days ago, just forgot to answer <3


Boom Goes The Weasel!, Really fun game i will defo say.

That was great! Thanks for playing!


I'm quite sure I failed this game. But I did so in the most awesome way possible.

Haha great ending! Looks like you were in a bit of rush! Missed your orders in the briefcase!


Well 1 out of 3 baddies isn't bad... Sorry to the 2 civilians I blew up...


That was really good! Thanks for playing. We were thinking about what an expanded version would look/sound like for posterity sake.It could be very interesting indeed!


Hiya, Heres my play of this game. I apparently didn't know the headphones existed toward the end. I had a real fun time playing it!

Hey! Thanks for playing! Perhaps we need to hint the player towards the headphones more! 

Deleted 4 years ago

Hi Adam, I can't seem to reproduce this. Do you happen to have a Controller plugged in? The thumbstick might be sending movement inputs to the game.

Pushed a fix to the headphones/switchboard, the previous windows build was dodgy apparently.

The headphones don't work :(

Hopefully this should be fixed now! Thanks for letting us know!

Iv'e been seeing a lot of feed back about how on windows you can't use the headphones. I have the same problem :(. The game is also very laggy compared to the videos i've seen. I'm very interested in this game, so if you could let me know how to fix this ASAP it would be very much appreciated. 

This should be fixed now, thanks for letting us know!

I cant plug my headphones in windows 10


And for some reason, my game is super laggy.

Give the new windows build a go and let me know if you have any issues please :)

I thought I was going nuts! Thanks, it worked for me. Win10 pro

Deleted 4 years ago

Nice work! In our new update we have changed a few things around and now have a proper win state.

Playing on Windows 10, cannot get the headphones to work. I pick them up, click the switchboard, nothing happens.



Thanks for leting us know! Hopefully this should be fixed now!

Seems like a really cool game, but will there be a windows version available?

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There's been a Windows version for several hours at the very least now lol

This was cool. Not as easy as you would think either so well done on this. Runs great and plays very well. Good job... :)

thanks for the video. We actually just posted a big update if you want to check it out!

In the update the headphones don't work anymore. Just picks them up but can't use them. :)

Thanks for letting us know! This should be fixed now.

I... think I might've messed up.

haha nice. Yeah there is a few fixes coming in soon!

Deleted 3 years ago

Nice work!


It was fun to interact with things but, I was clueless on what I was suppose to be doing. Is the concept turn down the radio, operate the switch, get intel, execute what? a bomb? a hit?



Interesting little concept here. It reminded me of Jazzpunk a bit, just from the character models and distorted voice. The gameplay was interesting enough but it rests more on the curiosity of the player and the  tension of the situation, definitely not for the impatient. But for what it is and the 48 hours it was made in, fantastic work!


It dont fucking work 

Can you provide any more information? Happy to try and help.

Gotta take the headphones


Hello! That was fun, what a great idea, I loved the style, hanging out the window watching the world go by as I enjoyed a cigarette and some booze, the music was lovely too, hope to see more from you guys. I did a Lets Play of it, i hope you don't mind.