Post Jam Update!

Da Comrade, we have updated game.

Given the overwhelming response to this prototype Dan and I decided to a little post jam clean up and add some of the stuff we wanted at the jam as well as fix some bugs. A bunch of you gave us sweet feedback via comments and lets plays which is awesome. We've rolled these into what should be a more intuitive dialogue system for the suspects and a more defined win/loss state for the game.  

From here on we'd love your feedback and thoughts on the game. We don't have any hard plans for what to do with this little experiment but it'd be great to hear what ya'll think. 

Full change for v. 2.0


  • Added a proper win condition. 
  • Linux and Mac Builds
  • Re-wrote the dialogue system and content to make for more clear conversations to follow.
  • Added a handy notepad next in the suitcase to help you write down your decoded target.
  • Added collision and sounds in places that were missing.
  • Added full interactivity to all the props in the room.
    • You can now put down that pesky whiskey bottle.
    • Picked up objects can be tosses around.
  • Added credits in game .
  • Added more details to the environment.
  • Switchboard now defaults to suspect.


  • Marking and killing all targets no longer soft locks the game
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in dialogue

Thanks again for your support and feedback.

<3 Dan and Nick

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