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Build a village in front of the nearby dungeon, exploit adventurers for profit <3

This is another small game I made over a few weekends. I might add more in the future/fix bugs so please let comments and thoughts on the game. 

How to Play


  • WASD pan camera
  • Hold Right Mouse to rotate the camera
  • Scroll wheel to zoom
  • Use the number keys to navigate the build menu
  • Tab or Escape to return to the root of the build menu

Extra Shortcuts

  • Pressing R will cycle the selection through all adventurers in town
  • Pressing F will cycle the selection through all towns people
  • Time can be controlled from with the buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen


  • After building your town hall you can recruit more villagers or upgrade the dungeon
  • Hover over build items with your mouse to see how much it will cost to build
  • Left click once a valid building is highlight to try and place it down


  • Villagers need jobs, select them with left mouse and then use the assign job button to give them a job
    • Option one allows you to clunkily assign them to a building, once assigned they will produce resources for that building or sell to adventurers
    • Option two and three tell the worker to begin harvesting food or trees respecitively

Apologies to anyone playing on a non-16:9 monitor, the UI scales very poorly. 

Special Thanks

-Thanks to the spunk crew for answering my programming questions

-I used a few spunk tools building this so also thanks to spunk for that :)


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LittleDungeonTown_v.05.zip 39 MB

Development log


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hello this game is really good i think this is a cities skyline but free, there is few bug (already reported) but if i have a suggestion is to add a save system and good developement (i know my english is rewally bad)

I've managed to fix some of the bugs so the next patch should be a good improvement. 

Save system would be great but a little out of my knowledge right now. I need to do some research first. 

I see the potential, really, but I had a couple of bugs !
1. When I destroyed the houses of the villagers I couldn't put them in new houses, the option when I clicked on him wasn't appearing !
2. Sometime, and I don't know why, when I wanted to put the villagers into "work" other than fishing and cutting wood, I couldn't seems to click on the smithering house or lumberjack house.

But really, I like the concept, a lot ! ♥ Keep up the good work ! ♥

Thanks for playing, I just pushed up an update that might/should have fixed both of these. But with AI programming ...WHO KNOWS.

Fun for a bit, but for some reason the numbers at the top bugged out and kept inflating, in the end filling my entire screen.


omg. That sounds bad. I think I know why that would be. I'll get it fixed in the first patch. 

Was a fantastic game! Obvious limitations being worked on in such a short time but limitless potential! One cool thing that could be added is an inventory on the adventurers, the better/more items on them the "further" into the dungeon they can get and more money they can get. Also a alchemy shop with potions herbs and such could be cool as well as potential monsters in a field before the dungeon, idk there are just so many options and it is exciting to see where this goes, if anwhere but I do hope it does! Regardless I left a follow and hope to see more! Keep up the AMAZING work!!

thanks for the feedback and making a video on the game!!

I'm glad you liked it, there's definitely a lot I can do but yeah more building types and more depth to how they help the adventurers would be up there. 


I just finished watching your video and took a ton of notes! 

The latest patches I put up should address some of the issues you had when playing. Thanks again!